Dance to the Drums

Music and Dance have a special role in the fabric of life of village cultures. This is a much more functional place than the contemporary entertainment role of music and dance in the west. It can bind the community and its members together in harmony. It provides many interlinked pathways for communication.
In the same way, Music, Dance and cultural communication can bind diverse cultures together and provide many links for direct communication.
Applications can include multicultural communication and education, fitness, health and wellness in a fun environment.
Drumsoul began as a resource and record for indigenous drumming experiences. Bringing cultures collaboratively together is the mission of DrumSoulDance.
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 See the complete Kennedy Center site on African Dance and Drum

A DrumSoulDance movement program can consist of:

  • Drum and dance circle percussion segments.
  • Interludes of sound healing/breathing/guided visualizations with Cultural Storytelling

Crazyocarina. Mamady keita and bolokada condé 2012 quebec amaizing solo play on DWOUA (part 1). YouTube, 28 May 2012. Web. 06 May 2017. <>. Published on May 28, 2012


Completed: West-african-drumming-master-workshop

Drumming Sounds Facilitator Training Certificates 2016,2015:

View My > wellness-balance-diagram. A simple thought visualization of the health music and dance spectrum

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Linda Hale MPT,AZ Lic, Consulting Physical Therapist for movement fitness and physiology, specialist in manual therapy and evaluation.

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