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Rhythmic Music and Dance may be traced back to as much as 10000 years to sprawling village cultures in a Garden of Eden like environment that existed across most of what is now the Sahara Desert. (Africa’s Great Civilizations Origins PBS Hour One.)

At that time the cyclic tilting of the earth returned and glacial retreats caused massive monsoons to move to the area creating massive lakes and rivers and explosion of plants and massive animal herds available for livestock communities. (Green Sahara’s ancient rainfall regime revealed)

For 2000 years communities developed village music and dance integrated with daily life. Finally the energy of the monsoons moved them back south and the Sahara desert returned forcing the village cultures with all their music and dance out of the desert to create the great urban civilizations around the desert and then around the world.

There is an arrow pointing backward in time from ethnic music and dance to its indigenous origins. The arrow points in a spiritual direction. The health and fitness benefits of the practice stem from the original application and cultural integration at its roots. DrumSoulDance looks to incorporate this philosophy and implementation in the music and dance for fitness and wellness.

This program is seeking to integrate fitness and therapeutic benefits of integrated rhythmic music and dance from indigenous roots. According to the Music Therapy Association, “Therapeutic music is an art based on the science of sound…(it is) music that helps the process of healing and supports movement towards health. Therapeutic music supports health and the process of healing primarily through the principles of resonance and entrainment, in which the individual is supported by the elements of music: rhythm, harmony, melody and tonal color. The Therapeutic Musician is also trained in transpersonal modalities that enhance focused presence and intentionality.” (Therapeutic Music Services At-A-Glance).

“The term Therapeutic Drumming is gaining acceptance as “Any type of drumming experience that is intentionally used to produce a positive shift in one’s physical, emotional, or psychosocial state.” (Drumming for Therapeutic Outcomes). For DrumSoulDance, periods of active drum and dance are interspersed by calming interludes of gentle meditative acoustics to rest and incorporate the activity lessons our bodies have learned.

Indigenous Percussion Ensembles usually bring together different instrument types choreographed into interlocking rhythms which have the potential to trigger connected rhythms in the brain and body. When we are in motion, body rhythms get synchronized with the instrument rhythms which in turn entrains the brain rhythms of the mind and enhances the music experience whether musician, dancer or spectator.
— David Hale, from recent musical and cultural studies

Please see my ABOUT page and scroll down to view my history below.

— DrumSoulDance
World Percussion Ensembles
Phoenix, Arizona

DrumSoulDance is a place to bring together wellness music and dance for brain, body and spirit. My mission for DrumSoulDance is to adapt the unifying practices and health benefits of indigenous drumming and dancing for all generations of any population regardless of music and performing skills, or cultural heritage.

These first two videos are the same DVD. The first one is the first 9 minutes without a sound issue and the second one continues after that point.

DrumSoulDance About Page and Mission

A DrumSoulDance movement recreational therapy type program can consist of:

  • Ensemble percussion group
  • Integrated Dance Rhythms derived originally from indigenous sources
  • A drum circle integrated with the activities
  • Calming interludes of gentle meditative acoustics

My training includes Drum Circle Facilitator Andrew Ecker, a HealthRhythms trained practitioner: Drumming Sounds Facilitator Training Certificates 2016,2015:


Completed: West-african-drumming-master-workshop

View My > wellness-balance-diagram. A simple thought visualization of the health music and dance spectrum.

About David Hale MS Biophysical Sciences, Linkedin Profile

Linda Hale MPT,AZ Lic, Consulting Physical Therapist for movement fitness and physiology, specialist in manual therapy and evaluation.

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