Fitness Drumming and Dance

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 See the complete Kennedy Center site on African Dance and Drum.

Indigenous based percussion ensembles bring together different instrument types layered in interlocking rhythms, linking the same rhythms in brain and body. When we are in motion, synchronization of body rhythms entrains brain rhythms of mind and music experiences, whether musician, dancer or spectator.
— David Hale, from recent musical and cultural studies.

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DrumSoulDance About Page and Mission

A DrumSoulDance movement recreational therapy type program can consist of:

  • Ensemble percussion group integrated drum circle segments.
  • Integrated Dance Rhythms adapted from indigenous sources.
  • “Centering” Breathing and Sound transitions used from therapeutic sound practices. “Concentrate on breathing, such as breathing out for a count of 8 and in for a count of 4. Count your breaths…Use sound to bring yourself back to your center. Periodically ring a bell, chime, or other gentle reminder.” (

Crazyocarina. Mamady keita and bolokada condé 2012 quebec amaizing solo play on DWOUA (part 1). YouTube, 28 May 2012. Web. 06 May 2017. <>. Published on May 28, 2012


Completed: West-african-drumming-master-workshop

Drumming Sounds Facilitator Training Certificates 2016,2015:

View My > wellness-balance-diagram. A simple thought visualization of the health music and dance spectrum.


About David Hale MS Biophysical Sciences, Linkedin Profile

Linda Hale MPT,AZ Lic, Consulting Physical Therapist for movement fitness and physiology, specialist in manual therapy and evaluation.

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