Fitness Drumming and Dance

Greetings, I am investigating promoting a team of hand drummers and dancers willing to explore the potential of developing fitness drum and dance programs which can be adapted to various settings including educational, entertainment and the fitness industry. I have indigenous ensembles and drum  facilitation training and experience from Texas and Arizona and recently joined as a docent and tour guide, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix to discover from curators who travel the world and museum media materials, indigenous sources of drumming and dancing uniquely adapted for health, social and cultural goals. I coined the term: DrumSoulDance to present this project. Please see my ABOUT page and scroll down to view my history below.

— David Hale
World Fusion Drumming Ensembles
Phoenix, Arizona

DrumSoulDance is a place to bring together wellness music and dance for brain, body and spirit. My mission for DrumSoulDance is to adapt the unifying practices and health benefits of indigenous drumming and dancing for all generations of any population regardless of music and performing skills, or cultural heritage.

DrumSoulDance About Page and Mission

I am now involved with world ensembles, drum circle facilitators and curators in ethnomusicology. I am uncovering the totality of the music and dance experience on fitness and health of the self and community, discovered from indigenous cultures and therapeutic drumming. Here in the west, the drum circle and dance communities are not as integrated as in indigenous cultures.

I would like for DrumSoulDance to promote those connections as an association of musicians and dancers for the goal of providing community fitness opportunities through music and dance together. I am currently asking to work with dance professionals interested in developing integrated dance and drum circle rhythms to create customized dance and rhythm programs in a variety of settings which have goals of fitness exercise and wellness practices.

A DrumSoulDance movement recreational therapy type program can consist of:

  • Ensemble drum section, a fusion of ethnic dance music and rhythms
  • Integrated Dance Rhythms derived originally from indigenous sources
  • A drum circle integrated with the dance activities
  • Sound Healing interludes including quieter periods of wellness guided meditations, visualizations and stories of dancers and musicians.

My training includes Drum Circle Facilitator Andrew Ecker, a HealthRhythms trained practitioner: Drumming Sounds Facilitator Training Certificates 2016,2015:


Completed: West-african-drumming-master-workshop

View My > wellness-balance-diagram. A simple thought visualization of the health music and dance spectrum.

About David Hale MS Biophysical Sciences, Linkedin Profile

Linda Hale MPT,AZ Lic, Consulting Physical Therapist for movement fitness and physiology, specialist in manual therapy and evaluation.

For more information or request free promotional services, use the CONTACT FORM link .

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