Facilitated Drum Circles

“A drum circle is the shared experience of the participants. The drums and drumming are the vehicles that take the group to its final destination, a place where everyone has a voice and is empowered to use it, and here the creative spirit is shared by everyone in the circle. A drum circle is really a people circle.”
(Kalani, Together in Rhythm, 2004)



Facilitated drum circles may have a specific focus, like an educational kids’ circle, a team building session for corporate executives, or a therapy session for special needs populations and done or accompanied by a music therapist.

Facilitated drum circles are more highly organized, accompanied by a protocol which sometimes involves other steps as well, in addition to drumming, such as guided imagery, discussion, and so on. Rather than a teacher, the leader is referred to as a facilitator, and it is his job to make the music making process as easy as possible for all..

The demographics of the group, and the intention of the gathering, along with the instrumentation, the room/setting logistics, and the background & skill of the facilitator or facilitation team, if there is one, determine the direction the circle will take.



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