Roots of Rhythm Program

Roots of Rhythm: World Drumming for All Ages takes teachers and students on a journey to explore different cultures, music, and instruments from around the world. Teachers and students will enjoy both listening to and playing rhythms using ethnically diverse percussive instruments, found or student-made instruments, and body percussion.


Roots of Rhythm was created for use in International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF) and other arts and educational programs. The content—which combines music with social studies, math, art, and language arts—is designed to support classroom teachers in integrating music, music-making activities, and cultural ideas.

Content and activities in Roots of Rhythm align with state and national education standards.

Roots of Rhythm offers teachers and students an enjoyable and educational experience and can serve as a point of departure for exploring other rhythms and cultures from around the world.

MORE INFO via Roots of Rhythm – Home.



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