Learning to Play Drums is More Than Patterns

If you want to learn more then just rhythms and patterns and really want to know how to drum on the deepest levels and if you really want to grow, you have to challenge your brain and you have to do different stuff then you are used to or comfortable with.I see many people practicing the same things over and over and they are stuck. I believe practicing one thing to perfection, but what I am talking about is different.

Many of us practice only in our comfort zone.new drums@www.wuladrum.com dunun’s!Some of us have learned just a little bit and have stopped learning believing we now “have it all”. Just because others tell us we sound great or we play in public to applause  does not mean we are there, that we have arrived. This is a mistake. The ego is tricking us!  Don’t look for pats on the back. When they come accept them, but if we play or look for pats on the back when we do not get them or when we get criticism we will be sorely disappointed. And at the same time we need to give pats on the backs and be supportive of others.

Source: Learning to Play Drums is More Then Patterns


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