Drum Circles For Kids – Drumming With Children

Info on drum circles for kids, children’s drum circles, drumming in schools, parties, community drumming and more.

Drum Circles For Kids in Schools, Youth Groups, Birthday Parties, Functions, and Events Drum circles in schools work very well, because it is a fun, experiential activity that promotes multi-cultural learning. It builds self confidence, and social abilities. It helps with motor skills, (processing information) boosts creativity; it even helps to teach them some basic mathematics. The drum rhythms are in time signatures, so math is taught without actually teaching it. It’s done in the process of just playing the drums, and having fun. Drumming teaches them more focused listening, concentration, and about reaching goals. Plus, it’s an activity parents can enjoy with their children at a later point. So a drum circle makes good sense. Kids like to write songs, and make up rhythms to play to. The teachers begin to see this occurring, then the light goes on and they want you to come back.

Source: Drum Circles For Kids – Drumming With Children


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