Therapeutic Drumming and Drum Therapy | Kalani Music

I have been referring to the benefits of my drum circles in DrumSoul applied to “wellness” and “fitness” rather than “drum therapy” because the latter refers to degreed and licensed music therapists performing rhythm type music therapy as medical treatment for specific patient populations. Many recreational drum circles like mine can have therapeutic elements and be done with specific populations with help from staff, when referenced correctly but should not refer to it as “therapeutic” unless a music therapist is involved in the planning. The wellness benefits of my circles come from not only documented therapeutic medical research sources but also from holistic spiritual-wellness practices of indigenous cultures.

The following article by Kalani Das, a renown music therapist using drum circles in therapeutic applications covers in detail the appropriate labels in the drum circle industry, including definitions for drum therapy, and therapeutic drumming, and how to differentiate with recreational drumming:

“There’s been a lot of talk about the health benefits of drumming. From studies in group drumming as a social tool to the science of brain rhythms, drumming has caught the eye of many who work in (or want to work in) health care settings.This article looks at some of the current trends and applications and will help you filter through some of the information, and misinformation, that you might run into.We’re going to look at three very small, yet important, words to help us understand how drumming (music) is being used in healthcare settings.”

Continue reading at: Therapeutic Drumming and Drum Therapy | Kalani Music

Das, Kalani. “Drumming for Therapeutic Outcomes.” Accessed July 25, 2016.


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