What to Charge for a Drum Circle? – Rates Pricing & Venues

Ratigan, Shannon. “What to Charge for a Drum Circle? – Rates Pricing.” Accessed August 5, 2016. http://drumcircleworld.blogspot.com/2016/07/what-to-charge-for-drum-circle-rates.html.

“So what is the current average price drum circle facilitators charge for providing all the drums, percussion, and facilitating a drum circle? The short answer? 300 bucks, (one person facilitating, and for under 100 people).

And that’s doing it on the cheap. There really is no set pricing scale, it’s where you live, what the market, current economy will bear, and what groups can afford. Many of us use a sliding scale for pricing. Anywhere from $100 to $600 depending on for who, how long, how many, and how far away.

Most of us will do a few no charge charity circles a year. I try to do at least 2 or 3, but we have to at least try to cover our expenses. There are others who won’t even negotiate with you for under $500 for an hour circle. Then there are the ones that jet into town from out of state with a few large tubs of drums and get $5000 for two 1 hour circles. Most of them are backed by brands, and have national exposure.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they are better, a regional facilitator with at least 10 years experience will give you an excellent music making drum circle experience at a much lower price. So there is no real set pricing, or specific protocols that need to be followed.I was able to determine the going rates to charge mainly because of my drum circle finder.

I have been updating it for 16 years, and in the process communicated with a lot of facilitators or hosts. Over the course of updating it I often saw rates in different areas, and many times spoke or emailed with the organizers.”

Read More at: Drum Circle World Blog: What to Charge for a Drum Circle? – Rates Pricing & Venues


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