The Business of Drumming in Business Telecourse starting Aug 24 – Mary Tolena

“Are you a rhythm event or drum circle facilitator (DCF) who works with groups in education, health & wellness, social services, or community settings?

Are you curious about what it would take to expand into more “corporate” rhythm events for team building, meeting groups, and the like?If you sense that “the rules are different” for corporate gigs, you’re right.  That’s because It’s not about drumming.  It’s about business results.

This fact changes lots of things.  If you don’t understand and plan for the different dynamics, expectations, and pitfalls present in corporate settings, you can end up in that horrible place of your session “not working,” and not know why.  Yuck.

Let me help you avoid all of that.  In “The Business of Drumming in Business” telecourse will help you assess your best approach to the business world design programs that fill client needs, and deliver effective programs that make an impact. The Business of Drumming In Business FREE Intro Call

Learn 3 essential keys to cracking the corporate marketWed. Aug. 24 at noon Pacific time.Call will be recorded for later listening.”

Continue Reading at : The Business of Drumming in Business Telecourse – Mary Tolena


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