How the performing arts can set the stage for more developed brain pathways — ScienceDaily

This study provides evidence that wellness drum circles that promote dance as part of the activities will promote more balanced whole brain integration in the process. This should show many brain learning-health benefits:

“We found that dancers and musicians differed in many white matter regions, including sensory and motor pathways, both at the primary and higher cognitive levels of processing,” says Chiara Giacosa, Concordia PhD candidate and the study’s lead author.In particular, dancers showed broader connections of fibre bundles linking the sensory and motor brain regions themselves, as well as broader fibre bundles connecting the brain’s two hemispheres — in the regions that process sensory and motor information — . In contrast, musicians had stronger and more coherent fibre bundles in those same pathways.”This suggests that dance and music training affect the brain in opposite directions, increasing global connectivity and crossing of fibres in dance training, and strengthening specific pathways in music training,” Giacosa explains. “Indeed, while dancers train their whole body, which has a broader representation in the neural cortex, musicians focus their training on some specific body parts, such as hands, fingers or the mouth, which have a smaller cortical representation in the brain.”

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