The Wholistic Effect of Drumming

For all drummers and percussionists, I would love comments  on this topic to help define more what I am seeing in drumming and drum circles.

I am seeing more combination of drumming with peaceful periods of relaxation and visualization techniques to great effect. I strongly feel from my life experiences, research and knowledge the body has the greatest potential for self-healing in the right setting – namely peaceful silent energy when the mind is focused on just the healing.

Science has said that active drumming or percussion, which literally places rhythms in the body, makes measurable beneficial changes in physiology when the increasing energy is controlled. This also has the effect of “sweeping the brain” of dusty thoughts by focusing the mind totally on the rhythms. This is more important than we realize because it is the chatty brain that prevents us from activating peaceful states that will automatically release wholistic healing energies.

When we follow that high energy controlled drumming by a period of peace or peace generating techniques, we have a new wellspring of energy that becomes automatically absorbed in an infinite peace that was always there but shut out by our chatter box mind. I feel that peace is not only coming from within but also rushing in as practiced by (I would say) all indigenous culture practices.

An excellent example that describes in detail the application of some of these ideas is documented by a drum session at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America facilitated by Andrew Ecker of Drumming Sounds.

As Christine Stevens said, drumming is the only “Active Meditation” that she knows about. When we do the drumming-peace activities we are actually bringing some meditation to the masses before they have had the chance to learn more difficult mental techniques of “sweeping” their thoughts to achieve those states.

I felt a need to post this in order to draw attention to what may be happening right now in many drum circles. Feel free to provide your on experiences.


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