The White Light (Drum) Meditation

The White Light Meditation by Gregory Whitt

Adapted from Meditation In a New York Minute, by Mark Thornton


Sit in a quiet location and breathe from your belly. Sit up straight, tilt your drum away from you, and rest your hands lightly on the edge of the drumhead. Imagine a small, cool, blue-white light in the center of your drum. The light represents healing, calm, purity, and universal love.

Using alternating hands and an EXTREMELY slow pace, coordinate your breathing with your drum. Exhale fully, then play an open note as you begin to inhale through your nose, filling your lungs from the bottom and inflating your abdomen first, then your chest, and finally the top of your lungs. As you end your inhalation, feel the air settle in your lungs before you begin to exhale.

Play another note using the opposite hand as you begin to exhale through your mouth. Tighten your abdomen and push the air from your lungs as though you were squeezing the air out of a beach ball. You should hear the exhale, almost like saying a quiet, breathy “Haaaaaaaah.” At the end of your exhale, feel your lungs ‘reset’ as they prepare for the next inhalation.

As you repeat this process, imagine that the little light in your drum flares each time you strike the drumhead, becoming more radiant, more brilliant, and more vibrant. The light radiates like sound – not harder or faster, but with more momentum, more duration and distance, each time you hit it. The light does not dim. Each time it flares, it grows a bit brighter than before in it’s steady glow. Feel blessed and warmed by the light.

Imagine the light gradually expands. It fills the bowl of your drum, glows from the drum skin, and starts to spread from the stem of the drum. Imagine the light from your drum as it fills your hands, your abdomen, your heart, then your whole body.

Now imagine your drum and your body are filled to overflowing with white light, so much so that the light radiates from you and into the room.Imagine the room being filled with light that then pours out and fills the building, the city, the continent, the Earth….

Reprinted by permission from the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG) newsletter.

About the Author:

Gregory Whitt | Continuing Contributor to DCFG

DCFG Board of Directors Past President Greg Whitt, believing that life is richer when we communicate, is a trained Drum Circle Facilitator who facilitates programs to help people live, work and play well together. Please visit

(Found this interesting video using drumming with visual light affects)


One response to “The White Light (Drum) Meditation

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love using drums to support meditation. It makes a huge difference to me when I start my day with something like this….


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