Sound Healing: How Drumming Improves Mental And Physical Health –

“Anthropological evidence makes it apparent that rhythm, drumming and percussion are closely and abundantly intertwined with human culture and also seem to produce quite a profound effect upon consciousness when used in ceremony and with intention.

Sayer Ji, a researcher, author and advisory board member of the National Health Federation, in reference to drumming, remarks: “The experience is so hard-wired into our biological, social and spiritual DNA that even preschool children as young as 2.5 years appear to be born with the ability to synchronize body movements to external acoustic beats when presented in a social context, revealing that drumming is an inborn capability and archetypal social activity.”

Best-selling author, researcher and lecturer, Lynne McTaggart, notes in her book The Intention Experiment: “Although the use of hallucinogenic drugs such as ayahausca is common, many cultures use a strong repetitive rhythm or beat to create that state; the Native American Ojibwe wanbeno, for instance, use drumming, rattling, chanting, naked dancing, and handling of live coals.

Drumming is particularly effective in producing a highly concentrated focus; a number of studies have shown that listening to the beat of a drum causes the brain to slow down into a trance-like state.” Evidently drumming has been implemented by our ancestors over epochs for a variety of reasons in a variety of settings. But what uses does this archaic medium serve for modern day Westerners? Does it still deserve a place in society and, if so, what science is in place to support such claims?

Science has made it quite clear that drumming has some profound and holistic uses to enhance physical, mental and emotional health, as demonstrated in a series of studies and research papers.”

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