Realizing the Yin and Yang of Drum Circles

The Drum Circle movement continues to evolve as it realizes more of the indigenous powers from the ancient past. I am now seeing circles of high energy balanced with quieter periods of meditative sound healing. This is akin to a “marriage” of cosmic masculine and feminine forces.

In Asia and Africa, “masculine” and “feminine” types of performers can be found segregated by gender. In the west we are realizing a balance in one drum circle event. The high energy drumming focuses the mind like none other on the rhythm which is then ready to be directed to exploring the depths of meditative music.

The below is an excerpt from the world famous Music Therapist Christine Stevens on her website (see source link following):


“Drumming may be the oldest form of active meditation known to humanity.” What could meditation and drumming possibly have in common? I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I heard world-famous sound healing expert Jill Purce say “The purpose of sound is silence.”

  • First, both meditation and drumming help us get out of our heads and into our hearts. They just go about it in different ways. In meditation, placing our attention on the breath occupies the mind. In drumming, the rhythm becomes a mantra that captures our attention. You can’t drum while thinking. Both act as mind sweepers; to clear the mental space of worries and negative thought patterns.
  • Second, both meditation and drumming are practices that focus on remembering rather than learning. Meditative states are quite natural and simple, but not easy.

Drumming is similar. Within the rhythm, we encounter remembering of heartbeats in the womb and rhythms our bodies long to express.

  • Third, both meditation and drumming are tools to connect with spiritual realms and the non-physical. We travel along both the silence and rhythm paths as portals into the spiritual space where we breathe deeply, relax and re-connect with the heart and soul. But there is one difference. Drumming just may get you there quicker.”

Christine then gives 7 excellent steps “on how to drum your way into silence” which can be adapted for drum circles.

Christine Stevens is a music therapist, social worker, and author of the Healing Drum Kit. She has appeared on NBC, CBS and Living Better TV.

Read more and discover her resources at Source: UpBeat Drum Circles


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