The World’s Most Relaxing Song

“Listening to music is a universally accessible path to unwind, increase productivity and fall asleep when we’re overly stimulated. British ambient band, Marconi Union, incorporated scientific theory to unlock “the world’s most relaxing song.”

Similar to the collaboration between a music composer and filmmaker, the band worked closely with sound therapists during the creation process. With the goal of lowering a listener’s blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate, the song utilizes a peaceful production landscape filled with dreamy rhythms, melodies and complimentary instruments (featuring piano, guitar and electronic samples of natural soundscapes). Like the soothing sounds of a waterfall in nature, one can follow the movement and layers as they effortlessly induce a dreamlike state. In fact, the song is considered so effective that it’s dangerous to listen to while driving!”

Read more at Source: The World’s Most Relaxing Song


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