Get Your Next ‘Natural High’ From Sound Healing Therapy | Observer

“Sound healing works primarily through the principles of entrainment and resonant frequency. Entrainment is the natural process of a rhythmic pattern, which induces other organisms to fall into the same rhythm.

In sound therapy, it may be used to entrain brainwaves to a slower rhythm, in order to bring about a state of deep relaxation.Every object is vibrating—the rate at which it vibrates is its resonant frequency.

Think of the body like a symphony orchestra with all parts (muscles, bones, organs, cells, etc.) having their own frequencies which, when healthy, are all in perfect rhythm and harmony. When the body systems become compromised due to physical or emotional causes, certain frequencies are affected and literally become out of tune.

Just as in an orchestra, when one instrument is out of tune, nothing sounds right! Everything is affected. With sound therapy, utilizing various instruments and tones, the body is gently brought back to its natural state of harmony.

How is sound therapy administered? There are many forms of sound therapy, including vocal toning and chanting, the use of mantra, individual and group sound baths using acoustic instruments such as gongs, flutes, and Himalayan and crystal singing bowls which may be used together or individually.

Other sound therapies include drum therapy, re-patterning with tuning forks and VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy, in which music is introduced to the body through a massage table or reclining chair with speakers built into it. All of these forms of sound therapy can be used individually, or in any number of combinations.

What makes sound healing so special? Because the relaxation response is triggered so quickly, this modality offers the opportunity to go very deep, very fast and provides an opportunity to clear issues on many levels—physical, mental, and emotional. The only work the client really has to do is get clear about their intention.

After that, the natural processes of vibration, entrainment, and resonant frequency allow stuck energies and traumas to be released and the body reorganizes itself accordingly.

The reason sound is so healing is because we are sound, as is the world around us. We are resonating, pulsating, vibrating beings. Water is one of the best conductors of sound and we are 70 percent water. When we say we “resonate” with something, it’s not just a figure of speech.

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