What is Therapeutic Drumming?

Click here > An Overview of Music Therapy and Therapeutic Music from the Music Therapy Association.

“We all know that active music making offers many benefits to people of all ages and abilities. From the physical activity of holding and playing the instruments, to the cognitive challenges of learning and playing specific rhythms, to the social connections we make with others, drumming is a satisfying experience we can all enjoy.Drumming is considered ‘therapeutic’ when it is engaged intentionally as a means of creating a positive physical, cognitive, emotional, and/or psycho-social outcome. It’s not as much about the specifics of the drumming, as it is about the intention and outcomes.


There are many types of music making that may or may not produce positive physical, cognitive, or emotional results. Therapeutic Drumming represents those drumming experiences that ARE aimed at creating positive outcomes.

Benefits of Therapeutic Drumming

Outcomes range, depending on the modality, participants, and their goals, but some common outcomes include: increasing physical activity, deepening a sense of accomplishment, facilitating self-expression, increasing self-esteem, strengthening interpersonal relationships, expressing what words alone cannot, improving mental clarity, reducing anxiety and increasing a state of peacefulness. These are a few of the targeted outcomes of many Therapeutic Drumming experience.”

Read more at Source: Therapeutic Drumming Network – What is Therapeutic Drumming?


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