Storytelling Class Final Exam Essay

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The Art of Storytelling
Spring 2019
South Mountain Coummunity College Storytelling Institute

Explore the art and origin of storytelling. Provide a variety of storytelling techniques, styles and exercises to enhance the delivery of telling stories. Assist in the integration and application of storytelling to the learning environment in the classroom.

OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE:  Students will become aware of their own potential as storytellers and the power of storytelling in their lives and work.  Storytelling literature and the history of storytelling will be surveyed, but the practice of telling stories orally will receive the major emphasis.

TEXT:  The Oral Tradition Today:  An Introduction to the Art of Storytelling by Liz Warren.  This text will be supplemented by a few other printed articles.

Folktale Research:  You are expected to find a minimum of twenty folktales that are related to the genres and cultures we are focusing on in this course.  This includes folktales from African and African American, Latin American, Native American Indian, European, and Asian cultures.  Story Summary & Analysis sheets, page 185 in our text, should be filled out for all folktales submitted for Reading and Research.  Due dates are listed on the class schedule. (200 points)

Storytelling Events:  Students are required to attend at least two professional storytelling events and write a report evaluating the events and the performances.  Several options will be available. Use the report form found Appendix B in the back of our text, page 193. Calendar for storytelling events and a listing of those that qualify as professional storytelling events can be found at  (100 points)

In-Class Tellings:  Tell a story in class a minimum of four times.  The stories should be from different genres (i.e., folktale, myth/legend, fact based [biographical or historical], personal story).  Create a “Story Map” and fill out an In Class Telling Report Form, page 187 in the text), after telling each story. (200)


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