How To Cure Dry Cracked Hands For Drummers – YouTube

All my Djembe friends are complaining about their hands. For skin cracking and bleeding below are some solutions:

I was moving away from my Djembe which was my best performing instrument thanks to expert training, because I have eczema and my fingers would crack and split and be trouble that week not to speak of infection risk. But I had to step in to a lead role with my drum for an African Dance group because the lead drummers had starter their summer break before the dancers did. Luckily I had thrown chapstick in my percussion bag and quickly covered my fingers before drumming.

I was happily surprised that did the trick, I had no trouble afterward. Of course my hands had completely recovered because I had practically stopped djembe use by focusing on using Tubanos with sticks. If you keep letting your fingers split it becomes a bigger cyclic problem that weakens the skin on your fingers and they can’t take any vibration.

The below video talks about this in some more detail. Instead of the liquid bandage which burns, I would recommend skin crack care which does not have alcohol. You can use other skin cremes with germ killing agents without alcohol.

“Hey all, I thought I would share my knowledge for dealing with dry, cracked skin on hands from playing drums. This could be used by anyone, not just drummers.

Products mentioned in video:

Coconut oil
Vaseline Extremely Dry Skin Repair

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