Hello, I am exploring DrumSoulDance to bring together drummers, musicians and dancers to provide fitness and wellness programs using lessons learned from indigenous cultures in integrating music and movement for optimum health and fitness. A model from the dance community for these kinds of programs can be found on the Dance page. As described on my home page I have followed an evolutionary journey from drum facilitation and health to drum and dance that I discovered recently.

— David Hale

The goal of this site is to promote the recreational, healing and wellness benefits of rhythms, sound and dance discovered from research, holistic and community drumming practices, in some cases integrated with visualization and meditative techniques, as well as influences from indigenous cultures, where appropriate.

More information on the fitness benefits can be found on the Dance, Drum and Fitness pages as well as blog posts. The Search menu provides keyword searching of this site.

“West African music and dance provides a unified model for adapting drum and dance circles for wellness and fitness environments. It can be a whole brain and body experience for both players and dancers. With a small or large “engine room”, the term used for the small West African drum section in a steel band, a set of frame drums for participants that allow them to play sitting or dancing and following the rhythms of West Africa, a fun, entertaining and energetic program can be designed for any fitness oriented activity. A dance or fitness professional would design and monitor the appropriate activity level for the needs of the participants.”
from Lessons From Mali Drum and Dance

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