Cultures in Music and Percussion

History & Culture

Drums are found in nearly every culture in the world and have existed since before 6000 B.C. They have had ceremonial, sacred, and symbolic associations. Here’s your complete resource on the uses of drums and percussion in various cultures throughout history.

History of Percussion Instruments – Ezine Articles › Arts and Entertainment › Music

Mar 30, 2009 – Anthropologists and historians repeatedly speculate that percussion instruments were the first musical apparatus ever came into being. But with …

History of Drums and Percussion – Home

The drum set is unique among musical instruments. Its individual parts originated from all over the world over thousands of years. Percussion and drums can be …

History of Percussion Instruments –

Histories of Drums & Percussion. (Listed Alphabetically). Brief History of Bongo Drums – Article discusses origin & cultural history of the bongos. Bongo History …

History & Facts About Percussion Instruments | eHow › Arts & Entertainment

History & Facts About Percussion Instruments. Percussion instruments are some of the oldest music-makers in the world, perhaps only second to the human …

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