The Art and Heart of Drum Circles

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Music Medicine
Music Medicine: The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound

Music therapist Christine Stevens (Upbeat Drum Circles) presents an information-packed resource, filled with scientifically based practices for accessing and attuning to the natural healing properties of music.


UpBeat Drum Extensive Drum Circle Links

Developmental Community Music Resources

Developmental Community Music (DCM) is a comprehensive approach to facilitating an inclusive group process. DCM makes it fun and easy to present enriching and dynamic experiences for groups of all kinds.


Drum Circle Spirit : Facilitating Human Potential through Rhythm by Arthur Hull

Drum Circle Spirit teaches about facilitating community through rhythm-based events. Arthur Hull, recognized as the father of the drum circle movement, uses rhythm circles for spirit – and team – building among personal growth and religious groups, major corporations and to help build community in grass roots organizations around the world.


Drum Circles Defined, Stories, Tips, Suggested Gear, Start Your Own, Facilitators, Training, Circle Talk

Gateway to the global hand drum and dance community


Corporate Drumming

The Drum Café has fast established itself as the authority on traditional African music. Synonymous with group drumming and interactive team-building, we are also one of Southern Africa’s leading entertainment agencies.



“Robert Lawrence Friedman demonstrates that drumming can have a profound effect on one’s emotional …well-being. A wonderful book.” — —Dan Cavicchio, author of Gardens From The Sand and founder of SpiritSite.com.



Rhythmweb is an educational resource for those studying World Percussion and World Music..We love it all, many different styles, and so this website is sort of acrossroads, A jumping off point to many different rhythmic musical traditions. Youtube.com/rhythmweb


View Roots of Rhythm Education Program

Roots of Rhythm is a fascinating, ground-breaking, hands-on exploration of the world through drums and drumming.


Developed in conjunction with the Percussion Marketing Council and the International House of Blues Foundation—and supported by NAMM, the International Music Products Association—the curriculum is written by professional percussionist and renowned ethnomusicologist, Dr. Craig Woodson. At its core, the curriculum teaches students of all ages about world cultures by encouraging them to make and play drums while demonstrating the role that music has played in human development and migration.

Not only can the content in Roots of Rhythm be used to augment general classroom activities with a variety of music and art projects, the skills and lessons supplement and support current state curriculum standards in core subjects, such as Social Science, Science and Math, Visual and Performing Arts, English Language Arts, and Life Skills.

With its cross-curricular, multi-cultural, arts and academics approach, Roots of Rhythm feeds the needs of the whole child, adding deeper meaning to core skills and encouraging essential developmental skills such as creative thinking and problem solving, art appreciation, tolerance, teamwork, self-discipline, and positive self-expression.

Best of all, Roots of Rhythm is fun! Whether used on its own or as a curriculum enhancement, Roots of Rhythm gets students actively engaged in the learning process.

Drumming Resources from the Women’s Drum Center

Therapeutic Drumming Articles



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